Ch'e'e'h Sinn'sid (She Woke Me Up)

By Dezba Chooli • February 14, 2018

If you’re a Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse or Assault survivor, you may often hear someone tell you, “write it out.” My fellow teachers tell me it helps survivors, since I am a quiet person, I will try to express in my writing. Another day on the, “Rez,” but I know on this day I had a break through. My Lay Advocate Sylvia Rose Viarrial and it’s whispered “an angel,” the feeling we get has been something like this,” her abuser cannot fight against her God because she stands through her God only wanting what's right.” I may not understand what these whispers are, but I can say she stood by my side as she helped me through my journey and in court and to feel, “Yanaha,” (Brave) again. As I learned about the journey this woman has made and continues to journey using her experiences and journey to help others like me. As the man that abused me sat not far to the right in that courtroom, for the first time, I was strengthened, just thinking of the story of Sylvia Rose Viarrial and her willingness to stand against abuse but still forgive her abuser and pray to her God for him, for her God’s inevitability. I will never again under estimate the impact of one's life, through forgiveness; she expressed her forgiveness in a way that it touched my heart to help me to forgive. I will not forget this day. This was the day I no longer identify as a victim or just a survivor but now I have a glimpse into a new life. Just as Sylvia Rose shared with me, “we receive, to give,” So I urge all victims from all lands, take bravery and be strong and know there is a new life waiting for you, there may be obstacles, but this fight is better than the life of getting beat from abuse with no help or strength. A life where your children will always know you fought for their freedom and your own, from lies and abuse. Take the help and strength and may you find your strength and new life in your journey. “Ch’e’e’h sinn’sid” (She woke me up).


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