Wholistic Well-Being

By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • January 22, 2018

At times when I’ve been sick, to help me feel better mommy would make me a bowl of soup. I would not only feel better physically, I would feel a whole lot better on the inside too. As we know, it’s so important what we feed our bodies. However, what we feed our minds is also very important, as well as our souls. Love. Joy. Peace. Forgiveness. Kindness. We need to nourish ourselves with these 'soups for the soul' so that we can live out our purpose, and pour into the lives of other people so that they can do the same. This way, as many people as possible can get a taste of a happy, meaningful, fulfilling life.

What are you hungry for? I believe there is Someone who can provide all our needs; He will not starve you of the food that is essential for your well-being.

I truly hope you will let Him have a seat at your table.


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