Bullied 19 Year Old Born With One Eye Publishes His First Book

By Allison Weaver • January 16, 2018

Aaron Weaver was born on April 14th, 1998 with only his left eye. It was very likely that this rarity would also come with brain damage. It was a one and a million chance that he would not have brain damage, yet he doesn't. He went through 25 reconstructive surgeries and received a prosthetic eye in his right eye socket.

He grew up in a rural town in North Carolina attending the local schools. When he was in 4th grade he dreamed of becoming an author and he carried that dream with him throughout his life, however he faced many obstacles.

From his first day of pre-school to his last day of high school he was looked at strangely and called names. Each year it would get worse and worse. People would call him names like "cyclops" and would tell him that he was a mistake. Along with this he suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which made it difficult for him to do normal, every day activities.

In 2016 he graduated high school with the support of a loving family and the help of teachers and friends. He began to write a book including one of his favorite things, zombies. A year later he completed his book and one of his former teachers assisted him in finding a publishing company. He submitted his book to the company, Covenant Books, for the very first time and they decided to publish it. In late 2017 The Human Apocalypse was published and is now being sold through several different outlets. Aaron, who is now 19, has overcome a life of people not accepting him and is pursuing his dream while inspiring others to do the same.


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