When Dreams Come True

By Gayathri.M • January 15, 2018

Looking up at the clear blue sky above, it could see a world of freedom. Snow white wings spread open, the young bird got ready to fly. But with a sudden pang of unhappiness, staring at the shackles that bound its feet to the ground, the bird realized it was deprived of the happiness it so longed for. Freedom, perhaps would always be only, "just a dream".

The one thing in this world that no amount of money can buy is happiness and freedom. Whatever we do in life, the ultimate goal of every person is to be happy. But what is happiness? Everybody has a different version of happiness. For some, happiness is reading your favorite mystery thriller for the hundredth time, while for others, happiness could be painting something beautiful for the ones we love! But in reality,true happiness can be achieved when we overcome our fears...when we do something that we never realized we were capable of achieving. Every person has a secret fear inside him...he may not show it outside, but its always there,hiding somewhere deep inside! A person is considered to be brave, when they have the courage, to face their fears and show them that they are no longer afraid. There have been many battles in this world...the worst of which being the First and Second World Wars... but no battle is more powerful,or greater than the one which we have with ourselves... where our inner voice,our conscience proves that it can overcome our biggest hurdles of fear and emerge victorious.

Sometimes, few people enter our lives...and open doors we never realized existed. They show us what we are truly capable of achieving and help us in overcoming our fears...with their support, we feel, we can achieve anything in life and there's no power under the sun to stop us. They will always be the most important people in our life and our best friends forever! So, let's take a little bit of our time to appreciate these beautiful gifts of God in our life and show our fears that we're not scared of them anymore!!!


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