Is There Something We Can Do When We're Hurting?

By Kay Heitsch • October 19, 2017

Is there something we can do to help ourselves when we are hurting? From personal experience, I think there is.

If we're feeling down and depressed I believe it works out best to turn on some good music, read some uplifting type books, exercise, and get out around people who are happy. In Heb 13:15 it talks about offering a "sacrifice of praise." Sometimes it really is a "sacrifice" to praise, but it helps!

I remember well when our son Todd died. I did everything I could to fill my mind with positive things. I listened to good music and positive tapes that would help me feel better mentally. I even took up jogging and joined a fun fitness group to feel better physically.

Clinical depression runs on both sides of my family. I knew I could not afford to allow myself to open the door and go down that depressing path. I had to be proactive! The choice was mine!

I could have sat around feeling sorry for myself, but who would have been helped from that? Certainly not me! Or quite frankly, anyone else.

I could have gotten around other people who were down and depressed too rehashing that terrible day when Todd was killed. After all misery loves company.

I'm not saying not to tell others about things that hurt us, but spending an excessive amount of time is depressing not only to yourself, but for others too.

I also got my mind off of myself and started to reach out to help other people. I went to nursing homes, group homes, took in Booster kids and also had Foster kids. When I got my mind off of myself and reached out to others I was helped and so were they.

Is there something we can do to help ourselves when we're hurting. I believe from personal experience there is. We can start by giving a 'sacrifice' of praise, if need be.Then fill our minds with uplifting things, get out around happy people and at least take a walk. We can get ourselves off of our mind and reach out to others. To help ourselves we need to be proactive with God's help.


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