Leslie's Story

By Leslie • October 16, 2017

It all begin on Election Day my husband and I decided to have a baby. If president Trump got elected. So I did. I worked at Captin Ds at the time. My happy times. Loved the people there. I was so busy for three months I didn't know I was pregnant found out on Valentine's Day. I thought know other day. How exciting. My almost 9 months of happy went good but my health wasn't. Doctors were concerned I had fluid with my baby. I would be stubren. I wouldn't go on my diets.

On the day of June 27 I went in the hospital my water broke they tried to stop it. I was under so much medications. They didn't won't the baby to come too early. None of that didn't help. On the night of June 28th at 4:30 I woke up feeling strange I had a very bad nightmare. Like I lost my other son. I woke up started praying cause it scared me so badly. Then this bad pain coming I would bang on my shower door asked no for help. I thought I was going to die. My husband on the phone with 911. I had, my baby he fell in the potty. I knew then my head was spinning like what just happen I don't like to talk about it much. I stood up felt blank I blink reached in the pot picked him up. It didn't look good then. My baby was pail. I picked him up in my arms like a mother would do. Then I seen a Little eye open. I asked God to help me. I held him in my arms. I was overwamed with joy when I heard his cry.

Then there was the blood lost tons of blood on the way to the hospital to university I bleed on the way boy I hurt so badly but still had my baby in my arms. All I could do is pray for him I didn't care about myself at the moment. Then I had trouble getting the placenta out I was at deaths door they said me and the baby could have died I was glad to see dr Joesph when I saw him. I was giving 2 pints of blood.

My baby was born 35 weeks spent mos his time in the hospital. My happiness is we were both alive and got to come home. I don't know why we're still here!

I think God has a reason I hope to find out.


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