The Message

By Rick • October 14, 2017

I want to share a message I got. Everything is perfect! I didn't believe everything is perfect and actually it doesn't make much sense, as many would agree, looking around at our imperfect world. I got the message while trying to stop something I thought was wrong. It was a silly thing.

Fifteen older men wanted to oppose fifteen inexperienced and ill equipped small boys in a game of paintball. I knew the game and the players. I am an experienced paint-baller. I was outraged at the ego gratification the older men were seeking. But none of the players would listen to me and rearrange the teams, so I joined the underdogs. Hoping to help them win, I rushed into the fray and was the first one hit to walk off the playing field.

Immensely saddened, I watched the impossible take place. In the next 15 minutes every one of the favored team members got hit and walked off the field. The small boys team only lost 2 members besides me. I was flabberghasted. How could this have happened. The losers were just as dumbfounded as I. When questioned about the impossible outcome, the winners just shrugged their shoulders, not really understanding how it happened either.

It was the last game of the day. I drove home into a ho-hum, bland sunset. As my wonder turned to amazement over that last game, the sunset turned into the most glorious sunset I have ever seen, though it was still a murky red. A matchless joy started welling up in me that I cannot describe. I had tried to fix a problem. I failed miserably. Then it fixed itself. "I was missing something. What is it?", I kept repeating to myself.

Then, I embarked on a 3 hour journey into my answer. From where, what or who it came I don't know. Words could not describe it. The joy overpowered me. The world became alive like I have never witnessed before or after. The answer was clear, simple and powerful, "Everything is perfect." "Everything is creating." and "Everything can take care of itself". These words do not do any justice to the understanding and mental images I received that night. I saw that I was a tiny part of a vast, active and powerful creative engine that reached far beyond our universe and nothing was wrong. I was participating. There was not a single molecule, person or thing that wasn't participating. Words only frustrate me to explain more of this peek behind the curtain of creation.

What is that message all about? I hope to some day find out, but I think I have a much longer journey ahead of me. Maybe my experience isn't worth much to you, but maybe you have had, or will have, something similar. And then, maybe, my account will help you know it is real and fantastic. Something did change in my life though. I don't worry as much about my fellow creators: man, beast or other. We all have the power. Where we wind up, I believe, is only in how we choose to use it. Be at peace and Love. There is no more powerful way to create


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