Elderly People

By Sonia Kaur • October 11, 2017

Wise people are very few, if we put a habit of hearing then wise people from our home to the outside world will find everywhere. The elderly are the most intelligent, they have expertise and their experience is very useful but it is very sad we don't appreciate our elderly. We ignore them who are the most valuable that is why we learn by being cheated, if we listen to our elderly wise people how much we can escape from cheating.

With elderly people we will feel safe just because they are quite intelligent to handle most of the situations which we can't. They are very loving and they love everybody as they are.

After full filing all of their responsibilities, when they are an elder they have some expectations from their children. Being a child, we have a duty to give them such affection as they would have given us in our childhood. To love them, we have to maintain a lot of peace, and we have to keep a lot of patience. “Old people have a much better time in India because they're respected.” Miriam Margolyes

The old people are no longer active as before, they are depended on us for everything. While dealing with them, we have to take care of one thing that how many sacrifices they have given us in raising us, in fulfilling our every desire, for giving us good education and moreover for every little happiness we have.

The greatest quality of elderly people is that their love is unimaginable. They also take care of our every small things which we don't even think, did you eat properly, did you sleep properly, don't get sick etc. Actually life was very easy when they were young. They had so much self-confidence in themselves that they never carried things with them like medicines, cosmetics, credit and debit cards etc. They used to carry only one handkerchief and some money, they used to live very simple life, full of love and faith in God.

They have a lot tell, that is why they want nothing but only our time and attention. In mist cases it has been observed that when a person is old, he is made to realize that he has become stupid, now he is of no use. Here we are wrong, we never tried to know them. By spending some time with them, we realize that they have a huge treasure of experience. “I used to love to sit and listen to the old people talk about yesterday. There's a lot of good information there”. Curtis Mayfield.

The elderly people should be loved more because they are standing at the last stop of their age. Our elders are appreciated after their death because their qualities are known after their death, and we repent. Sometimes our good fortune is due to an elderly person in our house, and after their death, our fortune began to change or bad luck starts. So always respect, love and value each and every person in our life whether it's elders, younger or friends. “I have a wonderful respect for old people.” Craig Kilborn.

The best thing is that in the elderly people, if they have 50 relatives and 50 friends, they are concerned with the most, which is not in the case of today's generation. Nowadays young children do not know who their relatives are, nowadays just money is left in the world. Our elders used to speak and understand the language of love that is why they were healthy and today's youth keeps on going to the doctors. If we sit with our grand parents, we will learn to love and become more intelligent, we will learn to live with the principles.

The elderly people believe in God that is why their life is very easy as they trust in God and accept life as it comes. They trust in God despite getting disturbed and this is the main reason of their wisdom. As compare to young generations they are more positive, and they never complain for anything, they are satisfied. When you trust in most intelligent Lord, you will automatically become intelligent and positive. Our elderly people work themselves, they do not dependent on servants and machines, this is the reason behind their health and happiness. They are happy in theirs own way and always be thankful to God every moment of their life. They have no problem with anyone, neither they are jealous with somebody's progress nor with somebody's happiness.

I hope you guys like it. May God bless you all with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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