She Is 80; She Is Active

By Glory Fu • August 29, 2017

A student of mine called Su-May came to my ESL class to learn English in her 70s. For many senior people, 70 is the age to take things easy, and they feel it’s too late to learn. But Su-May doesn’t think so. Time is so valuable to her that she particularly cherishes any opportunity to learn the things that she missed on when she was young. Seven years have passed, and she is still in my class. She regards learning as her ultimate goal in life, and her hard work has paid off. Su-May can now fluently recite every English lesson she learns in class. Compared to how she was when she first started attending my class, she is now active, smart, and energetic.

Dear friends, whether your life is colorful or dull is all determined by how you arrange your time. Hanging around, watching TV, or swiping your iPhone all day long will definitely bring you nothing of value. No matter how old you are, or what you are doing, stop wasting your time on non-productive activities. We only get to live one life, and it is very important that we use each day wisely, making our time both joyful and meaningful.


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