It Just Has To Exist

By SS Fan • August 21, 2017

"We're all so good at recognizing what's shitty about something (and how we fix it) (criticism). We are all so bad at making something, so just make something bad and then criticize it until its good."

It's a strange side of human intelligence. Computers, most animals and even aliens in movies can see someone do something and copy it quite well. But for humans, it's quite hard seeing a kickflip on a skateboard and learning from that and doing it first try. But what humans do have is a great capacity for pattern identification ie criticism and thus we spot mistakes in everything so well and that is how quality content/skills are grown. Why am I telling you of this? Because a major reason for procrastination for me and so many others is the concern of writing a crap essay or preforming bad at an exam or failing to run a certain distance. You must accept that you will produce shit at first, because if you believe your first try should be good, you will be shivering in anxiety, have fun with it, don't pressure yourself because anything you make AT FIRST will be bad, no matter how hard you try. You arent in a test right now, I doesnt have to be perfect, It doesn't have to be good, just shit it out and then refine it because that's what humans do, like all the painters or all the chefs, every single recipe started out horribly, but it is tried in different ways and will eventually be amazing. Imagine a sculpter with a chisel in his hands, waiting weeks before doing something. It always starts bad, accept that, embrace that and then the refining of your work will be really easy as it is human nature to be critical, and can often involve colaboration. Creativity is not in us as humans, we are awful creators, every idea ever made is incredibly stupid, but we are incredible critics, so we critise our work to find different ways to make it a bit better, and now we have planes, cars and light.

"It doesnt have to be good, it just has to exist AND THEN make it good" ~ Dan Harmon


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