Angels In Disguise

By Gayathri M • August 14, 2017

People feel that there exists a world called heaven where God and angels exist. According to some,heaven is a place where everything is perfect and there is no chance of the word "worry" coming to our mind. But a close observation of our surroundings,might change this so called "perspective".

There are many people who enter our life as angels in disguise. Their presence itself adds beauty to our lives just like the rainbow which adds beauty to the dark sky after a storm. Beauty need not always be found in expensive gifts or lavish surprises. Sometimes beauty can be as simple as a loving hand which holds us in times of trouble and gives us a sense of security and comfort.Beauty can be encouraging words of support, or sometimes beauty can be sensed just by a small smile,which is worth a thousand words.

Often we take this so called "beauty" for granted and run behind materialistic pleasures. What we don't realize is that we are in constant pursuit of so called "happiness" which is already inside us. All we need to do is discover this happiness inside each one of us. People around us play an important role in helping us discover this happiness. That person could be anyone, your family,friends or even your pet! Sometimes,when our whole world turns upside down and our mind is racing with confusion, what we need is an encouraging hand to lift us back up and make us realize our true worth.

According to me, angels were never meant to be in heaven. God has made many angels right here on Earth. All we need to do is discover the beautiful angel within us and let it blossom! So the next time we see a faint glimmer of worry or tension in the eyes of the people around us,just give them an encouraging ear and some of your time. It doesn't cost you at all,but doubles the happiness in your heart!


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