Learning Is A Good Thing

By Rod Williams • August 4, 2017

Some of the best lessons I’ve learned were when I was on the ground looking up. Something put me on my butt, and it was up to me as to what to do with the event. I could stay on the ground and flounder in the emotion that put me there, or I could stand up, brush myself off, assess the situation, and learn from it. Here are a few of my favorite lessons.

1. There are things that happen in my life that I just cannot fix. Learning to accept them leads to better things in the future.

2. Kindness is a mindset that changes the world.

3. Inspiration is all around me, if I just pay attention.

4. Money does not make the world go round.

5. You can’t save everyone. Some do not want to be saved.

6. I am responsible for my actions.

7. Listening is an acquired skill.

8. Bad things happen. That’s just part of life.

9. I learn more from listening than I do talking.

10. Seldom if ever has shooting my mouth off before thinking resulted in a positive outcome.

11. Intuition is one of the best tools I have in my tool kit of life. If something feels right, it typically is right. If something feel wrongs, it most likely is wrong.

12. Sometimes bad things just happen; however, the reaction and response is all mine.

13. Changing my thinking has definitely changed my life.

Have anything to add to the list?


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