A Powerful Thought

By Rick • July 21, 2017

There are two kinds of power, power over others and power over yourself. We automatically assume that having power means having power over others. Those who crave this sort of power have little personal power and most likely a large ego master whose whims they must satisfy. They do not realize that no one can ever have power over another. Many dictators have lead short lives believing this. The best you can do is lead others who choose to follow you because you empower them.

The other truly potent power is power over yourself, personal power or mastering yourself. It is in direct opposition to false power. Instead, it recognizes the mislead ego. It embraces truth, honesty and self understanding. It humbly seeks the higher master within. It knows that kindness, helping and serving others brings the only power one can exercise over another. It is the power of love. All things that go out return full circle, ten fold.

Though I have yet to master it, I believe this is true. All truth I have uncovered and learned tells me this is so. Serving yourself leaves you with only one person serving you. Serving others will bring many to serve you. What you intend and do to others will eventually become your lot in life. Give. Do not take. Love. Do not hate. Understand. Do not judge. Share. Do not begrudge. This is the real power we have within, but each one of us must find it ourselves. Do not fail yourself. The rest of us are depending on you too.


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