How Not To Settle For Average

By Javier Sarmiento • July 19, 2017

Everyone is valuable in their own way and has their own perks to them. Then, you have society which has their own structure to them and people follow them on a daily basis. How you need to live, what you need to wear, how and what to eat, etc. You want to be independent and carefree, but the world is a different animal and they are ruthless in putting their fist down to anybody who goes against them. We as humans have out own interests and beliefs that we should go after. If you really want to be a NFL player but it's not considered ''a real job'', go after it anyways because you never know what might happen if you didn't take the risk.

If you want to play soccer professionally but it's not considered also ''a real job'' , do it if you're passionate about it and it makes you happy. I don't know why playing sports professionally like Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey ,Tennis aren't considered ''real jobs''. these professions get paid well, the hours are flexible, and mostly important they are happy in their current position. Most people work the average 9-5 and earn minimum wage. I understand the reasoning because you are providing for your family and earning decent money. The problem I have with this is your living on ends meet and probably unhappy about the job.

To keep this short, everyone who has dreams and goals that don't add up to society's definition of working, just do it anyway because it's mainly about your happiness and pursuing your dream. if you have a passion for something and you enjoy it because it brings you joy and happiness, keep doing it. Always follow your dream and you will go far. Never settle for average because you only live once, make it the best life and take risks.


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