How A Free Watch Changed My Life

By Jakeron • July 17, 2017

Three months ago I was a slob by the very definition. I acted like a slob, dressed like a slob, and felt like a slob. I was unmotivated and by all accounts it looked like I didn’t have much a future. I was the kind of guy that would work at Walmart all his life and retire with-out doing anything.

Well 3 months ago to the day, I was on my computer and saw an ad for a free watch. I had nothing to lose so I ordered one. The watch arrived a week or two later.

When I opened the package, I couldn’t believe how nice it looked. As I slipped it on my wrist I had a dose of reality hit me. This watch that I got for free looked better than any other piece of apparel I owned. That thought was in the back of my mind for the rest of the week until Saturday.

I decided I needed to invest a little money into my appearance. I went shopping on Saturday to buy some clothing. Of course the morning of I did a little reading on reddit to find out how to dress better. I made note of some excellent pieces of advice and left the house.

That day I picked up a couple of dress shirts, two pairs of good fitting khakis and a denim jacket. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I began to take more and more note of my appearance. When I began to dress a little nicer, I felt better. I became attached to this feeling and began taking better care of myself. I started slowly making note of what I ate and how much water I drank per day. These little changes began to make big differences. I noticed my confidence starting to build. I bought more and more clothing that fit well and looked good.

I began to exercise. I started with some sit ups and jumping jacks at home. Followed by a small run around the block. At the beginning of May I bought my first gym membership.

I was a little hesitant at first but began to enjoy it more and more. I visit the gym 3 times a week now! Today, I can say I’m a new man. I’ve changed my health habits, I changed my appearance and I've changed my attitude. I have ambitions now and I am going to achieve them!

Even the smallest things can serve as a wake-up call. Make small changes for the better every day and eventually you will become a better human being in your eyes and all those around.


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