I Decided To Stop Smoking Weed

By Anonymous • June 26, 2017

Three years ago I would smoke all day every day, and I decided I needed to change since me and my wife were struggling to make ends meet. I decided to do something about it since i have a son and did not want him to see me like that. I decided to distract myself from wanting to smoke and saying no to friends when they would invite me. It was hard at first because all my best friends smoked but everytime I thought of my son it would help me overcome that urge. The only way I could actually think of doing to stop from smoking was distracting myself and staying busy. So I decided to start looking on youtube for workout videos and devoted myself to use that as a distraction, instead of hanging out with friends i would devote myself to finding ways to working out and being introverted as possible. I really saw a change in my life, my body started changing rapidly and it really picked me up mentally. While i was doing that I had a dead end job working in a cafeteria and while working out helped me mentally it gave me the confidence to change that. I decided to find a skill with money in it and do something about it. I started as a part time dock worker to a full time truck driver all because I had the will mentally to stop smoking and change my mindset. For that happening I have a second son I am able to support and vehicles I could never have been able to afford. I am on my way to buying my first house one that i would actually love to live in and raise my family.


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