Patience And Good Intentions

By Diya R • June 6, 2017

The best and most amazing thing about life is that no matter what happens or how hard it may get, or how useless you feel, stay patient.

All you need to focus on is doing good even if it maybe the smallest thing like greeting someone with a smile it goes a long way, it can brighten up anyone's day, and you will have made the smallest yet biggest difference to someone's life they may carry on smiling because of you and spread peace and love and it all started with you!

I learned patience the hard way, I have been trying to rush through life rapidly, always comparing myself to my friends and family and wondering when my life would change I was too busy trying to speed things up but things just weren't moving, I finally gave up, but when I did I just continued to help people making people smile do what little I could everyday to make a difference. Life repays you back, well I believe God does he always looks after us no matter what, just carry on doing good spread love and peace and God will take care of you. Keep your intentions sincere no matter how unjust people are towards you, I believe you will be successful, everything has a timing and yours is definitely coming, just need to wait a little longer.

I did and I finally met someone worth it all, so kind and sweet so thoughtful always trying to surprise me in the most unexpected ways and everyday is something bigger and better and that feeling is amazing then you realise it's because of all the good you kept doing in your life.

Even if it means you been doing bad things up until now you can change it all and make it all better, and believe me it always gets better. It's not easy but it will, I know because I have been struggling with it all and I finally feel better and I want to help many people feel great and amazing.


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