Dear Myself

By Sumyat Swezin • May 21, 2017

Dear Myself,

Life is scary. One day you wake up feeling like you can take over the world, and the next day you wake up feeling like all you want to do is to lay in bed and hide from everything. People walk into your life, grab your hand, and lead you the most beautiful path you've known, but sometimes the same people let go of your hand without warning, and you become stranded at a place where you never thought you'ld feel lost. Let's be honest, sometimes everything is going so great and it seems like nothing could go wrong , but right when you begin to think that, something so horrible comes crashing down and all of a sudden more problems come riochecting around you and you just feel so hopeless cause it's so f*cking (excuse my language) , shitty! It's so hard to understand why such things happen in life,and I personally wish I had an answer to that "why?" you always ask yourself , but all I can say that is no matter how hard life gets,you have to keep going. The life around you will never stop going on. I'll be honest and say that sometimes I feel a little bit worried and all I can think is "will I be able to keep up? What if everything goes too fast?" But I realized that being scared and living with that burden of running away from problems only slow me down even more. And I've come to the point where I believe that because life never stops, I shouldn't stop either. It's okay to take break and to give yourself time to heal, but you cannot give up and you cannot quit. There's so much waiting for us to do and we simply can't give fear the satisfaction of winning when we can give success, growth ,and accomplishment. Please believe in yourself and encourage yourself, instead of doubting yourself. Keep positive, fill you heart with gratitude for what ypu already have, and always remind to humble and true to who you are..Because even life is scary, not living it is scarier.

With Love,

Your Soul.


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