Man In The Moon

By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • October 12, 2013

While surfing the net the other day I came upon the TV show, The Torkelsons. As a kid it was one of my favorite shows on the Disney Channel. In it the oldest daughter, Dorothy, would consistently converse with a 'man in the moon.' He served as her confidant, someone who she could turn to for refuge.

I could relate to her because many nights as a little girl I would sit by the window and look out at the moon. I was often in deep thought but there were also times when I was just admiring the view. The moon coupled with the many stars, seemed the perfect complement to the dark sky. This also made me think about the mornings where blankets of white fluffy clouds would seemingly float across a clear blue sky, horizons where the rays of the sun would kiss oceans across vast distances, and oases, beautiful vegetation surviving amidst the backdrop of harsh deserts.

These perfect couplings of nature's scenic beauty had me thinking about the ultimate pairing - the best complement for us living on this earth, God. He encompasses all we need to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. He can illuminate the darkest skies in your life, have your heart blanketed with His unconditional love, shine on you the light of His undying mercies wherever you are, and make you thrive despite the many harsh deserts you may encounter along life's roads.

I guess you can say I found the 'Man in the moon' in whom I, just like Dorothy, have found solace. I hope you too will look out the window.


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