I Overcame Depression. Here's What I Did

By Selma • April 13, 2017

I think it’s very important to mention first and foremost that I have been depressed in my life so much so that I’ve also been suicidal. This doesn’t make me a therapist of course or qualified in any professional way to give you advice on this subject.

But I can say with confidence that I know how it feels to be depressed and I also know how to build a life where you can be happy. I overcame my depression.

Let me first tell you that I was living alone and I didn’t have the blessing of having friends or family coming to visit me or checking up on me. And I didn’t exactly feel like reaching out to someone telling them “hey, I’m depressed, can you come over?” because I felt drained, ashamed and tired of everything. I blamed many people for my depression which I now realize was wrong.

I wasn’t eating well, at one point I didn’t even have a job, I didn’t feel like exercising or going out at all. Everything seemed pointless, life seemed so meaningless and I couldn’t find joy in almost anything. I cried most of the time and felt as if I was all alone in this world and that no one was ever going to love me, see me or care for me again. I thought that it wouldn’t matter to anyone if I was gone, if I wasn’t here. So therefore, what is the point of living a life like mine, a life which I’m doomed to be lonely and miserable. I used to think about the mean words people have said about me.

“You are not good enough, you are not responsible enough and you are lazy. You won’t ever find the man of your dreams because you are not that great. You should be happy with whatever you get”. These are just some of many more nasty things I had to hear from people in my life and these words haunted me like a ghost. And I thought to myself, maybe they are right. Maybe there’s really something wrong with me and maybe I’m really not worth the happiness, love and peace that so many people get to have in their lives.

If I have earned your trust by telling you about a part of my past that was really difficult at the time, then I have some real words of wisdom for you. I talk about trust because I really need you to trust me when I say that I know how it feels, I’ve been there, I haven’t experienced exactly what you have/are but I bet the feelings you feel I’ve felt too. I really want you to listen to what I’m about to say because if you do it can change your life and you can start the healing process that will set you free from suffering and pain. We all feel pain, we all suffer every now and then, we are all in this together and I want to show you how I got out of my misery and into my greatness, brilliance and truth.

All I wish to do is to share what helped me to get out of depression and into living my life and I sincerely hope it can help you to do the same.

1. Never ever believe peoples nasty opinions about you. People like to talk; some of them like to talk when they shouldn’t. When someone says something nasty to you, you must understand that it has much more to do with them than with you. Many people will try to tell you who you are and what you should do and what you deserve and don’t. These people more than often tend to show up when we are vulnerable and hurt. Bottom-line is, don’t believe their opinions, especially when they are negative and about you! They want to put you in a box like many people tried doing to me and I believed them at times because unfortunately I had too less people who could tell me otherwise. But see it doesn’t matter if you feel like the whole world is against you, there will ALWAYS be someone who loves you and likes you and you need to hang around people like that, the way I chose to do.

2. Get far, far, far away from people who put you down and are negative to your spirit. It doesn’t matter if these people are your family, friends or only people you hang out with. You need to get away from them if you ever want to get out of feeling depressed. They are toxic to your spirit, to your heart and instead of lifting you up they will drag you down to the bottom of the ocean because that’s usually where people who put others down live. So you need to get out of negative relationships, negative environments and if you can’t leave then keep a distance, a huge one. I know it can be hard but you will realize that this is one of the best things you can do for yourself to focus on healing yourself and loving yourself.

3. Feel your pain and set yourself free. I was alone and felt my stomach turning out of fear of loneliness and other strange feelings which I didn’t understand at the time. I did what my therapist told me; let the feelings come, allow yourself to be in the moment with your emotions. Doing this will make you heal, yes, you will be one step closer to letting go of your depression. You will set yourself free every time you allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are actually feeling. Feel all the sensations in your body, maybe it’s your heart beating faster, maybe it’s tears rolling down your cheeks, maybe it’s a sense of pain in your chest or head. It doesn’t matter what or where you feel the pain, what matters is that you feel it, completely and fully. It might feel strange that allowing the pain to be there in the moment can actually make you suffer less but that’s how it really is. Try it next time and see for yourself. Suffering only comes when we avoid ! pain and pain is going to be there throughout life in one form or the other just like pleasure. Instead of running away from it or distracting ourselves with TV, drugs, alcohol, sex, food etc. it is much more constructive and healing to just allow yourself to feel the pain.

4. Depression can’t be cured with love, but it can be cured with self love. I used to think that if someone would only care about me enough to invite me to their home or love me enough to just call and check up on me, then I wouldn’t be so depressed. Well let me tell you, no one will check up on you if you don’t. No one will call you, embrace you, and take care of you unless you do. And even if you do find someone who is willing to love all of you the way you are, you will still feel depressed because you are unsatisfied with yourself. You have unfinished business within yourself that no one can come and solve for you. No one can “love” you out of your depression; it would be an illusion to think that it can happen. My therapist showed me love, but with it came a guidance that was all about how I have to practice loving myself. Every time we met she gave me tools, techniques, books that all had to do with loving yourself. She asked me if I had been nice to myself t! okay or not. Nice to I never truly understood the concept of having a relationship with myself before. Until someone told me you can. And once you start loving yourself, your entire world will change and the world around you will follow your lead of how you treat yourself. But you got to start with you, start treating yourself the way you want others to treat you.

5. Please remember that you are worth all the love, happiness and peace in the world. I cannot stress the “please” enough here. Actually I cannot stress this entire sentence enough. Being depressed doesn’t mean you are not worthy of having anything that you want. Don’t fall for the trap that society, (in many cases) family, friends, Facebook/social media in general etc. is trying to put up for you.

6. Everybody has voices in the head that tells lies. You have to be very careful with the voices you hear in your mind. Especially the negative ones because they are not true. Have you ever heard or read somewhere that we create our own reality? Which basically means; what you think about you will manifest in your life. I won’t go in depth about this concept here but what I can tell you is this. To make your negative thoughts “go away” or stop then you will have to replace them with the truth. And the truth isn’t just “positive thinking” but it’s the truth that you make for yourself. For example when I was depressed I obviously wished I wasn’t and I also wished I would have been happy and loved. So I started telling myself that I am happy and loved. Your voices will try telling you otherwise and they even might tell you that you are a liar. But you want to continue saying to yourself over and over again that you are happy and loved. You can also say anything ! and everything else that you wish/want yourself to be. For example I am confident, strong, in control of my life, intelligent and beautiful. This is indeed affirmations and they can actually work wonders to build a happy life. I still do them every day. To really feel the difference you want to say the affirmations up to 200-300 times.

7. Write your truth. Write down your new truth about who you are, who you really are, who you want to be, what you want to have in your life and how you want to feel on a daily basis. For change to happen you must be willing to do something to change it and this right here is an incredible way of making the change take place. Ask yourself the big questions. Like whom do you want to be? What do you wish to achieve in your life? What makes you truly happy? What can you do to get what you want? Depression is not your identity, depression is just a state of mind you are feeling right now. But what you want to ask yourself is who are you when you are happy, free and peaceful? If you can’t answer that then try visualizing yourself looking happy, healthy, free and peaceful, how do you feel? Close your eyes and feel it, see yourself. If you can see even a glimpse of yourself being free, happy, healthy and peaceful then you have found your inner truth. That what you see in your min! d is who you really are. That is your real truth. It is time for you to set yourself free from the stupid and false labels the society and your environment has tried putting on you. You are incredible and you don’t fit into any box and I bet you are tired of people telling you what you can do and what you can’t. I bet you are tired of people telling you what you deserve and what you “should” be doing with your life. You are the master of your destiny, you are the one that decides what the real truth is and you do it by writing down on a piece of paper what you want your truth to be like from now on. Stop believing the lies about yourself and believe what is real and the only thing that’s real is that you can do, be, have and achieve anything in this world no matter what conditions, environment, physical state or any other so called “limitations” you think you have.

8. Conditioning your mind to work for you not against you. Once I understood this concept I really started to see my entire life differently. When we are depressed we tend to focus on everything that’s bad in our life. We think of the mistakes we have made, things we wished we did differently and how sad we feel for all the bad stuff and news we hear about each day. We think about what was and that the future might look very dark or even like there is none for us. We feel there is no point to do anything since everything is going to end one day anyway so why even try. Back up back up back up! All this thinking is making your own mind work against What if you started thinking the complete opposite? And by doing so you will automatically train your own mind to work for you.

9. Your thoughts are completely in your control. You might think your thoughts are not in your control and everything you feel is just coming to you by some unknown force. That’s where you are wrong. And how I was wrong as well. We all have absolute control over our thoughts. I agree we cannot always control the outer circumstances of life but we can control how we chose to look at them. A book I highly recommend that you read more than one time is “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. I want to share a beautiful quote from that book and it goes like this “Wage war against the weaker thoughts that have crept into the palace of your mind. They will see that they are unwanted and leave like unwelcomed visitors”. Techniques that will help you control or rather train your mind to have pure thoughts are daily meditation, affirmations like I’ve mentioned, being true to yourself, following your passion and doing what you truly want.

10. How to start the process of conditioning your mind. Let’s take the phrase “I’m not good enough” as an example. Ask yourself, not good enough for what exactly? Who said you’re not good enough? Do you really think that’s a fact or could it be a false belief you need to change? You feel sad or angry or hurt about something that went wrong but did you ever ask what valuable lesson you got out of that situation? See for me, I have had so many “bad” memories I can barely count them but I don’t see them as bad anymore. I have conditioned my mind into believing that everything that happened to me was meant to happen to me for this particular reason. So that I can help others to change their lives, so that I can be of service to the world by sharing my story of how I turned my pain and struggle into a blog that helps people around the world. Things that happened have already happened. There is nothing you can do about that now. But how you want your present and ! future to look like is very much in your control. So you can ask yourself what am I supposed to do now with all that past pain, how can I turn it into something powerful that can help me and maybe even others in time? How? By conditioning your mind to believe what you know is the truth deep down in your heart. You are much more than any diagnose that some doctor gave you saying “depressed”. Did you know that when the doctor told me I was depressed and gave me a bunch of pills to eat I didn’t eat them, why? Because deep down I believed I didn’t need these to get better, I didn’t want to rely on pills to get me out of this. What I wanted was to rely on myself, that I could get out of this on my own, by changing the way I looked at myself, my life and most importantly my past. The pills might have worked and I’m not saying that we should not rely on pills at times, but there are some results that you can accumulate that pills cannot. And trust me the results you wi! ll achieve by you own inner strength are much better than any ! pill.

11.Stop comparing yourself to other people. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone; you are not supposed to look like someone else, be like someone else or live like someone else. Nobody’s life is better than yours, or worse than yours, this is all an illusions we create in our head. We “think” someone is better or worse than someone else. The only thing that is, is what you choose, what you create in your mind. Your mind is your most powerful possession, it can create a world you love or hate. It can give you everything that you want if you only learn how to use it right.

Last but not least I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being depressed. I know it might sound contradictory since all I have been talking about above is how to get out of depression. I know despite of knowing what to do and sometimes doing the right things you can still feel depressed. I know how it feels, I’ve been there and that’s completely fine.

Whatever you have been through will take some time to heal and that’s normal, it’s how it’s supposed to be. But these tools might help you heal much faster than you would if you didn’t do any of the things mentioned above. I still use all of the tools above, but it’s become more of a habit and part of my life now rather than tools. I know now that I will be able to get out of depression if I ever feel depressed again. And hopefully live my life in such a way where I don’t have to feel depressed ever again. By knowing that each and everything we need to truly be happy is already inside of us. It takes practice but it can be done by anyone. All my love goes out to you and remember, that if you feel like contacting me to just talk or ask me any question feel completely free to do so. I’m all ears as a friend or as a fellow human being.

Thank you for reading! I really hope you found this post helpful. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family. And make sure you subscribe to our newsletters to get updates on new content.

Choose to be happy,


Originally posted on my blogpage www.khanselma.com


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