What Little I Know About Love

By Rick • April 9, 2017

I used to think love was just one thing, the same thing that everybody looked for. When found, love had the same face, the same laugh, the same deep teary eyed feeling of unspeakable joy. How could I think that love was only one thing, one feeling that never changed? Love changes, it grows deeper and stronger. And, it dawned on me, no one's love ever matched a single other person's love. Everyone's love has a different and unique look, taste, feeling, music, joy and indescribable complexity.

The only thing that is the same about all love is that it all "adds" to the ocean of love. Like attracts more of itself. The world is not complete without your "special addition" of love. Love, in an infinite number of unique ways, reaches out to embrace, help, and cause others to rise up to a greater awareness and joy. No seed of love is too small. It grows tenfold into the expanding universe of love. Don't miss your chance to be a valuable part of that. Don't keep us waiting anymore for the special joy you have to share. Connect! No one can do it in quite the same way you can!


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