Giving Back And Remembering What You Have

By Melissa K. • April 3, 2017

I open my eyes every morning in my house, on a bed. My clothes always fit just right and my shoes aren't worn ragged. I have electricity 24/7 and running water. My showers are always warm and in the seasons I am able to stay cool or warm. I have a good education, and parents and famipy that love and care about me. I have a meal in the morning, noon, and night, occasionally snacking as I please. My water is always clean and my food always cooked as needed. I have a TV and a computer. I have a laptop and a phone. I have a car and live in a house that belongs to me. I have a decent job that provides me what I need, and some of what I want. I have enough to give back to the community such as making small donations or volunteering at a shelter.

What's your excuse for not giving back? Just take a moment to put into perspective everything you have, and what life would be without it.

I give a small donation to a local hospital, 10$ maybe. Every penny counts, and my contribution adds up fast. 9 more people donate $10 and $100 dollars is donated.

Give back. Everything you have, everything you own doesn't matter if your not a good person.


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