A Lot Of Miracles Happened In 24 Hours

By MP • March 17, 2017

November 8, 2016 ( Tuesday ), a day of grief suddenly happened. It was 10am in Dubai time when I received a message from my daughter that her uncle ( which is my brother ) had met an accident and told them that he had a bone fracture on his limbs. I thanked God that it was only a fracture what's important is he is safe. We had a meeting to Abu Dhabi that day. On our way back to Dubai at 4pm, I kept on sharing stories to my boss how good my brother is and my plan on getting him here. I really don't have idea what was going on in my home that time.

7pm I reached the office and took things with me because I have to finish the process of documents of the new employee, when I suddenly received a message saying " CONDOLENCE! ", I thought it only happens in a movie which the time stop for a minute and you will feel numb. It took 5 minutes for me to absorb what was exactly I've read. And I burst out crying and kneel down on a busy street, I don't care if those people walking on the street will see me like crazy. I can't believe he is gone forever, asking how it happened they said he just got a bone fracture.

So many questions that bothered me, like how will I go home? I don't have money to buy my ticket, How's my mom and my dad? What exactly happened to my brother? and a lot more. . . But then I still proceed on doing my job first. Having a mind set that I have to finish the documents of the new employee because he needs his legal permits, my brother died he is in peace but that new employee is still living and need help for his visa.

While I was thinking about my ticket, I prayed to God how I will go home? I want to see my brother for the last time, I never complain to you on my toughest time here but please help me with this. I jumped off of to a leap of faith then suddenly the new employee gave me something. When I reached home, I rushed to my friend working in travel agency and asked her to check a flight going to my country, she found a promo ticket but then I missed that promo AED 1900 because I am still thinking where to borrow money. Then, the next morning ( November 9, 2017 ) she told me she found a promo AED 1700 at Etihad Airways, I did not hesitate to tell her to book it, and tell her I'm going to pay when I reach home. ( I don't have money, just a strong faith in God that HE will help me through it. ) MIRACLE number 1: Finding a promo ticket, flight will be next day morning, usually tickets for next day flight are quite costly.

The next problem is how I will pay the confirmed booking of ticket? I asked the new employee if I can borrow to him money to pay my ticket because he offered that if I need help I can ask him. He let me borrowed AED1000.00

MIRACLE number 2: A person which I just met gave his trust to lend me a money. What's left is AED 700.00 where to borrow that amount. On my way home, I passed by on the shop of my friend, while walking going to their shop I was crying and I prayed to God help me! I know you have a plan, I trust you! I reach the shop of my friend an Emirati saw me crying and asked my friend what's the reason why I am crying, when he heard the reason, without any hesitation he hand me AED 650.00, we are not friends, we are a complete stranger. I don't want to take it but this person really insist and told me money can be earned. One Thailander hand me AED 100.00 MIRACLE number 3 and 4: A complete stranger whom I just met helped me. I completed the amount to pay the ticket. Then my friend working in the shop, bought a basket of grocery items.

The Day of my flight, I called a car service to pick me up in the airport it will cost AED 100.00, again I prayed to God. Suddenly, a lady sat beside me then smiled at me, then she asked me wanna eat at McDonald's? I told her no, thank you. Then she insist and she did not stop asking me, so I go with her in McDonald's and ate. After we ate she told me take this, and hand it to my hand. a hundred dirhams was in my hand. I gave it back to her, she said NO take it. I cried, I thanked God and then I thanked her. Another lady gave me a chocolates so I can give to my children. MIRACLE number 5: Covered the cost for the car service and now she became my friend and we are always chatting.

God may give us an excruciating experience but if we trust HIM and lift up everything to HIM, he will help us. We may lost our beloved brother and the only son of my parents, but we trust what God's plan to him and to us. He has a better plan. With this despair, if we opened our eyes we will see how God simply do his way. He wants to show us that in every despair there is still a blessing that we should see and appreciate.

Miracle's happen everyday maybe not what we wanted but what God's plan to us.


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