Just One Try And They Will Be With You

By Jay Shukla • October 2, 2013

I am sitting in the taxi fighting with my own arrogance and ego. I am extremely angry and lost as If there is no tomorrow. And the one questions kept striking my brain repeatedly that If I have lost her today, Have this obnoxious act of mine is going to end everything today ? and I have lost someone who has given me so many reasons to stay happy. But why I did this ? and that too just for a pity issue. I want to call her right now and convey my apology for what I have just done with her but my male ego, my arrogance is not letting me to do this. No matter how much I'm regretting now but I'm not going to call her at all because I know that she is not going to answer my call because what I've done is just not acceptable and this is it. I'm deep buried in negative thoughts now.

An hour back I was sitting in a cinema hall enjoying the movie and moreover the company of my beloved, As usual we were so happy being with each other and then all of sudden we started arguing over a pity topic and when the argument was taking the wrong direction my girlfriend prefered to stay quiet which I took other way. In anger, I stood up, came out of the theater and boarded a taxi to return home, leaving her behind all alone without even giving a second thought to what I am doing. She must have not stopped me considering that I was going for a small breather. Now I'm sitting in the taxi, on my way to home, assuming the end of our relationship from her end.

And then my cell phone rang and I found that she is calling me. At a time I was relieved but again I thought that this was her final call to me and she is going to end everything with her befitting reply and I had no option but to accept her decision. With all negative thoughts I pick the call and here comes her voice," Hi honey, where are you? just after you left I too came out of the theater to search you and missed rest of the movie. So I've booked the tickets for very next show. So please come back before the show starts, common it;s a nice movie and how we both can miss it." I told the driver to head back towards cinema hall.

She was waiting as curious as I'm. The moment I saw her I could not stop my tears and hugged her. I said sorry to her for what all did with my wet eyes. She forgave me at all even before my apology keeping her ego and arrogance aside. I told her that I realized how important she was in my life and I could not afford to lose her. I am lucky to be blessed with the friend like her who has always tried her best to overlook my mistakes, teaching me a lesson without giving me a hard time.

Sometime in our life we lose our loved ones just because we give preference to our own ego and arrogance over the relationship.Sometime we are in so hurry to develope a perception and misjudge the situation that we end up losing someone special. Your just one try can save a lot and make a lot of difference. So don't let your loved ones go away. Just give one try and they' will be with you......


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