Scoring In Exam Is Essential, But More Essential Is Contentment With Result

By Amol Lanke • March 6, 2017

I first of all wish the students a very special exam season, may the studies you did and the hard work channelised, give you the optimum desired results.

Exam isn't confined just for students, everyone in his/her life at every stage encounters challenges, those are exams in equal form, maybe an appraisal season or goal setting and working towards its achievement.

Life has turned to become an ugly rat race, i mean no doubt the best of the talent gets revealed upon testing tons of samples and pressuring it to adjust and mould for fine tuning.

A single score less fetched, for many becomes reason to not get selected, thereby killing their dream which was envisioned.

But does life really halt if certain equations aren't cracked.

The answer is YES, its halts but for a time frame, this is the time to sit back, think and arrive to prepare for bigger exam, the LIFE.

Here the questions are varied, and no answer is absolute, the solution which glides you to new arena/direction is the top scoring assignment.

Be open to learn, unleash, discover joy out of small fragments of life, cause an optimised mind is like being geared with the right tools for the exam.

To sum it all i would just tell everyone that put your dedication, mind and soul in everything you do and the rest will be saga to remember for ages.

'The certificate and trophies won't come alongwith us to the grave,

Learn more in the life school and stand to your dream, that's being brave.

A billion dollar house and a limousine won't remain a sport when we grow old,

Smart was the monk who discovered this early and had his ferrari sold.'

-©Amol Suresh Lanke


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