Calm After The Storm

By Kay Heitsch • January 17, 2017

Awe, peace and quiet! The calm after the storm.

Yesterday I was enjoying being outside shoveling snow. Then the wind picked up and the freezing rain started to come down. I hurried into the house to find we had no power. The wind was blowing so hard that it blew our big trash can from behind the house out into the driveway.

Today the wind has calmed down and the sun has started to shine. I went outside to retrieve some other things that the wind had blown and I heard the birds singing.

Thinking about the calm I found this quote. "After the storm comes a calm. The sun always shines after the storm."

This is true in our lives as well. We all go through storms in our lives. But always remember that there is a calm after the storm and the sun will shine again.


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