I Was Given A $20 Dollar Tip And Was Touched When He Said Why

By Areazel • December 12, 2016

I was working a shift at my job, working behind the concession stand during a slow night, and I was wearing my uniform, part of which is a short sleeved shirt. I have struggled with self-harm for a long time, but I don't go out of the way to hide my scars because why not? Anyway, I had healed scars on the outside of my arm, still red but healed.

These two guys came in, and as much as I try not to judge people by looks, I do it anyway. They were latino's (I am mixed), and they looked like the type of guys who would make rude comments on the subway if they saw someone with scars, or catcall at a construction site. But I gave them their popcorn and soda, and they paid, so I made change, and when I gave them their change one of them left me a $20. I called after them before they left, incase they left the money, and they both came back, and the guy shook his head, and he gestured to my arm, and just pushed the $20 over to me, and smiled before saying "It'll get better".

That was the first and only time someone I didn't know (and really anyone at all) had (and has) directly addressed my scars, and told me out of the blue/good of their heart that it will get better. Not judged me.


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