Night Changes

By Grace • October 11, 2016

As a middle schooler, I was forced to go to a varsity football game as my brother plays on the team. A friend of mine was going so I thought I might as well go. As a girl who looks fairly good in other people's eyes (and horrible in my own), i was being crudely "complimented" by boys as i walked by them. My friend was doing nothing to stand up to them and I felt upset at the words they were using to describe me. I drifted over to the food and bought some food to eat my unhappiness away when a girl older than me (high school) and her friend walked up to me. She just smiled and told me that she wanted me to know that she thought I was very pretty. I smiled and thanked her. In fact, i didn't stop smiling for the rest of the game. This just goes to show how much one person can change your entire night for the better.


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