Faith In God

By Sonia Kaur • October 10, 2016

For leading a happy life one needs faith in God. Having faith in God means being tension free. It is difficult but not impossible. You need first to be friendly with God. How can we be friendly with God? By sharing everything in heart like a baby sharing his everything with his mom. He shows his hunger by crying, happiness by laughing.

Life shows every type of time. Good and bad, short and long, illness and healthy days. Everything is happening in God's consent and everything happens for our betterment. Always trust him and never complaint. He is our father, well wisher and he is the only one who loves us selflessly.

You can give many names to the FAITH in God. Some people believe everything good will be going to happened with me because God is with me. Some people accept their life as it comes because they believe whatever is happening with us is for our good by God's grace. Some belive that God never disappoint us he fullfill our all desires. Some take risks with the faith in God.

Sometimes the road of life seems to be difficult. Our all efforts are seems to be wasted. On that time leave everything in God's hand and be patient and keep on saying what is happening in God's consent and he is doing everything for my betterment. Positive affirmations on God not only give you strength but trust as well. Time will pass, All your problems will sort out and at the end you will find yourself the winner.

Life is an illusion and some illusions are made by God only to test our faith. Remember one thing God only blesses us.

I believe the easiest way to lead a happy life Put God's hand in everything and accept life as it comes. I didn't mean to say that don't make wishes, don't see dreams, don't demand for anything etc etc. Do demand, do wish, do pray to God but don't make your own efforts when God is working for you because when we start trying than God stops so lets God do your all works.

Faith in God turns weaker into stronger. Pray to God. Whenever I feel disheartened, discomfort, weak, confused, upset I pray to God and share my problem to him. God knows everything he has plenty of solutions for every kind of problem. Talk to him and have faith that he is listening and will respond. Some of you must have noticed in your life that sometimes God is preparing us for next coming days. When time passes we realised that all that had happened with us because so and so is going to happen. God is so great, we are so lucky. We all are lucky very lucky and God is greatest because God knows our future so he acts in presend in order to secure our future.

God has created everything so beautifully. Flowers, birds, fishes, trees even us. Us doesn't mean only I. It means the whole world. Every person is good. It depends upon us how we see the world. Have faith in God and enjoy everything but remember one thing that everything has a limit. Only God is limitless. Good people are good to you in every sphere of life but till their limit. Only God is one who is always with us without any limit. He forgives our all mistakes. He listens to us without interrupting. You can feel him throughout your lifetime.

If something goes wrong, go and pray. Reveal everything in your heart. Remember God is only our true friend and no one in the world can take his place. Ok lets come to the point. Pray and reveal everything and wait and have faith because God speaks, talk with us through his angles, through any topic, through any quote, through your friend or family member and moreover through your heart, through your dreams as well. Try to listen him. If God doesn't reply you that doesn't mean God is not listening, that mean you are being diplomatic with him. Don't be diplomatic with God because he already knows what is in your heart..

Face your fears with the faith in God. Fear is an opposite of faith. If you want to increase you faith and get rid of your fear than try to face your fear. By facing fear, fear decreases and faith increases.

Only Faith in GOD can do everything. If you think that I will do this, I will do that. Yes you can do everything but if you have faith in God. You must have seen in yourself and in others that when we say I can do this by God's grace then no question arises that you cannot do so. When we say I can do this than it is sure whether you will be successful or not. Do everything you want but with God's name and with his faith. Once I was listening to a wise man he was saying while doing prayer we use the word God and depend upon him then your wish will be granted on that time and when we use the word I instead of God's name then our wish will not be granted because the biggest obstacle in our way is the I. God is bigger than me, God is more intelligent than me, God knows better than me etc. Always remember God's name in your every prayer despite of I.

How to develop faith in God? By remembering him, by reading spiritual books, by reading and listening stories of miracle of God, by stories of angles, give him a specific time in your life how much you can. Try to avoid the company of Atheistic. Don't be friendly with everybody because of different vibrations. Make friends of your own type so that your faith would able to increase.

Do make habit of doing prayer because once in a book 'Divine Virtue' I had read that when we pray we are very near to God. After completing prayer you all must have felt faith in God. This is what prayer does.

Have faith in God that whatever you want and need everything is being given to you, if some wishes still not fulfilled that doesn't mean that they will not fulfill. They will but at the right time. You have to wait and have faith and do your best. God is watching us every time showering his blessings, our each thoughts whether it is positive or negative are being fulfilled.

Hope you like this friends. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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