Change Is Life

By Sonia Kaur • September 18, 2016

A life is a journey full of changes. It is changing every second. Change is the most important part of our life. Everything changes. Time changes, weather changes, circumstances change, age and body changes every year, fashion changes, moreover people change, life is impossible without change.

When the human exist in the world he was like a monkey but today he is not because of change. Change is life without change you cannot grow. In some cases Doctors also prescribe to their patients to go out for vacation for a change so that they can cure. Every depressed patients to change his situation to forget his worries. If change does not occur in life than a person can become ill because of same situations and circumstances. If you cant change your situation than change your perception because every situation good or bad has something to be happy.

In my previous writing I have mentioned that if you want to feel the change in your life then just look at six months back. Most amazing thing in my life is when I read my previous writing I feel how kiddish I had written. How change comes in my thoughts I don't know but really I feel good and realise that I am growing and continuously doing better. Repeat your way of doing work like if you are an artist or singer or cook whatever repeat your work you will be surprised to see the change within few minutes in your talent. Our ideas change in every second.

Some changes are good and joyful, whereas some are bad and some are very painful. Sometimes we want to change our situations for out betterment and some time just change in our attitude makes our world beautiful. Sometimes we don't want change in our life but we have to accept the change. These changes are God's planning and are called painful changes. But remember that every change what kind of it is, it is only for our betterment. Some changes are brought into our life by us and make our life worst. I mean to say when our circumstances changes and we forget our pain and change our attitude towards the people who were kind with us or with poor people. These are bad changes and these changes take us back to hard days.

Before writing on any topic I do ask about the topic to some people and I get back them. This time again I get very comprehensive answer that "Today's situation that is different from yesterday's. " So very true. Every second life is changing. Whatever is today will not be tomorrow. So enjoy every moment because whatever you are doing today will become a memory tomorrow and these memories bring smile on our faces. Spend time with friends and family, enjoy rain, walk for a while forget about facebook and whatsapp do something beside them, do something different, eat different food, walk for a while. You never know where life will take you or life will take others away from you. Time will never return and never remain the same. Time is changing and it will change because this is a law of nature.

Life is precious and will end one day. Life has given so many gifts and so many chances and opportunity. But we moreover miss them because we are very far away from us and from ours. If you feel life is not changing, sometime it happens with very rare people. So what, you bring some change into your life. There is always something good and something bad in every situation not only situation everything has good and bad properties. It's upto us how we take. If we find good things then life will be peaceful and attract happiness whereas if we find faults or negativity then life more negativity, aggression, frustration, fear, despair etc. Try to be thankful to god early in the morning whenever you open your eyes then day will be good and no change will disturb your peace of mind.

We want to change the world beside ourself because we thing we are perfect. No, we are still not perfect. Perfections and growth comes only with change. Change in job gives you experience, change in thoughts can change your life and even your relationship. Replace hatred into love and see the change in your every relations.

Some changes are unexpected and come to out life to remind us our potential, our possibilities, our values, our worth. Remember one thing that every change has its pain as well as some happiness. Its up to you how you accept the change. If you accept the change you will learn a lot and grow in experience, in wisdom and the best thing change will change you. If you don't accept the change then nothing will happen you will depressed and sick because changes will continue in life. This is the rule of nature.

I will suggest to accept the change because change always makes things beautiful if it done wisely. Little change editing makes a picture beautiful, little change in spices makes a vegetable yummy then change in attitude brings how much beauty and blessings in our life. We cannot know our abilities if we won't accept change.

Edmund Burke says "We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature." Yes change is difficult to accept sometimes but what one can do beside accepting. We don't have any other option. When there is pain in change then we should console our own self that God is doing best. Everything is happening for my good. Likewise we can accept our situation and less tensed.

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, gorgeous at the end." Robin Sharma. .. so very true, same lifestyle is going on and sudden change occurs it is difficult to accept but we have to accept. As time passes we start adjusting with the change and at the end it is like a huge surprise. We have to keep and maintain lot of patience. Accepting life as it comes is the best way for being happy throughout the life.

I hope you like it. Love you all and May god bless you with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny....


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