True Friendship

By Sonia Kaur • July 13, 2016

friendship means a beautiful bounding between two or more people. In every relation everything is not available but in friendship you get everything I.e trust, understanding, love, honesty, loyality, responsibility, company, knowledge etc if friendship is a true friendship. As per Khalil Gibran says "Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity."

Friendship is a relation of give and take. Everybody wants good friendship but nobody is ready to give good friendship. That is why now a days friendship has become only selfish motto either it is a selfless motto. Having a good friend is fortunate but being a good friend is more fortunate and more happiness.

You all might have heard about a story of a beautiful friendship. Lord Krishna and Sudama. Lord Krishna was a king and Sudama was a very poor man but their friendship shows their love and affection for each other. No one is rich and no one is poor. Only two friends with one soul.

For a long lasting friendship you need lots of patience. Patience doesn't means sacrificing of self and self respect. Patience means to ignore many things because in whole day what we do is intentionally and many times unintentionally. Patience is the key of true friendship. friendship is the only thing in which you can share your every secret.

In friendship I am talking about giving because giving is responsible for good bounding, good friendship and good relationship. First be a trustworthy friend and keep secret then share your secrets. Many friendships turn into enmity just because of lack of trust. Don't use your friend's secret as his or her weakness. You are not only destroying friendship but your humanity as well.

Love is the best quality. Where there is love, forgiveness makes its place forcibly. We make lots of mistake, God forgives us because he loves us. Our parents forgives our mistakes because of love. So love is must in not only true friendship but also in every relation. I have written about it even writer is not an easily forgiver but I am practicing, Honestly. Make few despite of thousands of friends but be true to them.

I think the best think and the best part for the true friendship is listening. One should know or learn 'The Art of Listening'. Everybody wants to speak but nobody wants to listen that is why we have lots of friends but no good friend. First listen completely then speak. Don't speak in between. After all listening is a good habit you can learn a lot from everybody. If you accomplish 'The Art Of Listening' I bet everybody wants you to be his or her best friends. You would always be gathered with friends because there is a lack of listeners. You would become popular.

Try to gather every quality of a true friend in you. Having good friend is good luck but being a true friend is blessed according to me. Ok now you become a true friend for everyone from now many of you are thinking what about ourself? Who will be our true friend? I have two answer of these question. Firstly God is our true friend. He is the one who accept us as we are, support us in difficult time, never under estimate us for our failure, encourages us when we need and the best thing he never get jealous from your achievements. Secondly life is an echo what you give is what you get. When you give your best in true friendship then you yourself never feel alone. We lack in many things because we expect first and then wait to give. This is wrong first learn to give and then expect.

True friend must have the quality of motivating. Life is a journey full of happiness and challenges. Everybody wants one to be motivated and cheer up. So learn to motivate your friends show them their qualities, their potential and their possibilities. Show them you are always there for them and be there always. Whatever happens good time bad time, ups and downs in life, rich or poor, no caste system nothing comes into your friendship. If something comes in between then that is not true friendship. Check yourself where you lack in being a true friend.

Some people say that true friendship can't be long lasting. This is totally wrong...... True friendship can be long lasting if we stop making fun, true friendship can be long lasting if we shut our mouth sometimes, true friendship can be long lasting if we stop playing inferior or superior game, status game, true friendship can be long lasting if we stop blaming each other and remove 'I' . I means ego. True friendship can be long lasting if we stop talking at each other back and moreover true friendship can be long lasting if given proper time and attention to each other, having faith and respect and better know each other deeply. I have seen that when true friends fight with each other then also they have soft corner in their heart for each other and that soft corner again combines them. If one of your friend uses bad words for you and you still remain quite and calm then also friendship becomes harmless and former one will repent for his words... honestly.

Communication is must in any type of friendship. Is it not necessary that you can make friends only those living in your city or near to you. You can be friendly though your friend lives in other country. There are so many social networking apps for remain in touch with your friend. Actually communication is the main source of any type of relations. Now its depends upon your intention. Yes intentions is also as important as communication because your intention tells your achievements.

Rumi says "If you are looking for a friend who is faultless, you will be friendless." Everybody has flaws even you and me also have lots of flaws. We want everybody to respect us and accept us the way we are. So is the thinking of people. Accept everyone as they are so that by mistake you don't loose your good friend. Be good and get good. Yes if person is bad or cheater or dishonest than kick on his ass and move on. World is so big you will find lots of good friends.

I have read that a true friend must be a good adviser. Very well said but i must say to all the people please never give an advice when you yourself don't know that what should be done.

See guys I believe that it is better of being deceived than to deceive your friend. I know its painful but just think little deeply who is in the loss? Your friend not you!! You have made a space for lots of good friends. When we want a true friend we always demand he or she should be good, loyal, helpful, understanding, truthful, supportive, my another self, remain always with me, intelligent with good sense of humour etc etc. We want every virtue every good quality in him or her. Why don't we be like a true friend we are seeking for so that you don't have to go anywhere but people attract to you for a true friend. If you don't find true friend so what God the bestest friend is always with true people.

I hope you like it. Love you all and may God bless you all with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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