I Am Unborn And Deathless

By C M Reddy • July 11, 2016

"I am unborn and deathless" the proclamation I am making now has been drawn from ancient Indian treasure of knowledge "Bhagavathgitha" the celestial song, also the tenets of the knowledge had been strictly followed by ageless sages unknowingly from time immemorial.

Today I have turned 43 years aside in my journey of physical life, many of my friends and acquaintances started to send Birthday wishes. But as I am following the teachings of great souls like Sri Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, I couldn't able to receive them in the joy and I have least inclination to celebrate it. For many of the readers it appears to be abnormal and hypocritical, but when you really abandon all your Worldly activities and look inward, gradually you would be able to contemplate on the eternal being.

We have the physical human structure with vital and sensory organs. The sensory organs make the interface between the external world and internal entities.

If a simple question is asked " Who are you" immediately we start to describe our physical body name and its features which are visible, very rare we could describe the invisible world of our inner being. Again the inner structure has three layers, the "Mind"which grasp the external things through sensory perception, has both positive and negative emotions. Next comes the "Intellect" which is suggestive in nature about good and bad traits. After this the "Ego" which forms the individual entity combining both physical body and inner software the Mind and Intellect, moreover it generates identity for each person.

The visible physical things, they born and perish in the course of time, the invisible inner beings operate subtly to generate thoughts and create all kinds of emotions. All these things rise and fall with human efforts.

Beyond all there is "Self" that we never want to know. It's original nature is to be at constant state of "Bliss"

It is devoid of all thoughts that mind generates, all physical pleasures and sufferings

It is "unborn, ageless, deathless, effortless, permanent and eternal"

According to Maharshi, the individual that takes the birth is bound to die, the system we create would be destroyed in the course of time, the thoughts that raise would be subdued and everything it comes to exist in this world will become non existent. It is the natural law

Then what is permanent and has consistency. It is the "self". To know this one need not go to the forest and do meditation or penance.

To explore the self, we have to dive inside. Focusing the mind on a single point by erasing all thoughts make us to see the inner self. But it is difficult in the beginning to be without thoughts, they come and go like images on the screen. We have to keep our view towards the void. Practice makes us to travel more toward the inner self.

You may ask, what is the benefit? We will attain permanent happiness ie; Bliss or Ecstasy where there is no transient phase of joy and sorrow, anger and compassion, pleasure and pain etc.

So knowing my "self" make me eternal and I don't fear the death, I can transcend both birth and death


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