By C M Reddy • June 25, 2016

"The mystery of God's creation is incredible and inconceivable", it spawns phenomenal arrays and diversity among the species living on this earth.

The human beings most evolved species on Earth, in spite of their similarity in the physical features they do differ in their thoughts and actions. So the world is becoming more wonderful, joyful and beautiful day by day. Each person is having his or her own contribution to make this earth more livable and marvelous place in the Universe. In fact every plant, tree and animal species have their own diversity which enables to offer wide variety of yields and products to the mankind.

The Almighty has grand, incomprehensible eternal designs for every creature on the earth. It is created to do or accomplish or change something which would have its contribution to make progress and for growth of this world. Everyone and everything has reason to live in this world, weak or strong, ugly or beautiful and movable or immovable which ever the negative or positive characteristics they have, those are useful for the improvement of living world. A small example here is that, the short legged pet dogs, normal dogs have average length legs, the dwarfs are mutants and considered to be weak, but now these short legged pets have become more fascinating. See how a weakness has become the beauty.

It is the human mind that desires a variety of things in a single component, therefore God choose to create "Uniqueness" in every creature of every species. God never disappoints the humans, even though he put some difficulty or give weakness, later it will become good for the mankind.

Some people with the odds in their lives feel themselves worthless and not enthusiastic to do their own activities. Some people go beyond this attitude and finish their precious life by committing suicide. By these wrongdoings we are indulging in injustice to the natural creation. If you look around there are plants and trees which are immovable, but they can sway with the blowing wind that brings fragrance from the flowers and offer sweet fruits from their bowing down branches.

"They live, they give and they perish"

Everyone has a reason to born, they must do or accomplish the duty that is given with in their capacity. The inherent urge or instinct to do a specific action, separate us from the rest of the world. That is 'Uniqueness'. That specific activity or work can be done by only those people which are meant for them. They fit like lock and key theory

Never think off failure and feel worthless or disappointed. You are born for something, God has designed you for some purpose, you alone can fulfill that "something" no one else in the world. So explore the 'Uniqueness' of you and try to live for that, then you are a complete Human being.


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