By Shelley Sprouffske • June 20, 2016

My dad's favorite acronym is FAMILY: Forget About Me, I Love You. He quoted it all the time about how we choose to put others first to make our family successful.

He is now nearing stage seven Alzheimers, and has progressed rapidly over the past two years. He no longer knows who I am or that I am his daughter.

Three years ago, when my youngest son Alexander was born, he headed to the NICU and I was in the hospital for a week following with complications. My family instantly stepped up -- my brother Mike walked through the hospital door 10 minutes after I called him, whisked Thomas and JP off, and did all my admitting paperwork since I was immediately admitted during my OB/GYN appointment. My sister-in-law kept the older boys for the next few days until Jonathan knew that I would be okay...and my mom, who was ill at the time, kept everyone updated.

My dad came to visit me and then up to Alexander in the NICU early every morning before the stock market opened at 6:30 am. 'You know, sweetheart, I could call you to check on you, but I'd really rather see you and my grandson in person. I love you, honey.'

Tonight, my dad is sleeping in my home office, giving my mom a much needed respite. Three-year-old Alexander and I tucked him into bed, and gave him a kiss goodnight.

Wow, how times change.

Dad, I could call you to check on you, but my son and I would really rather see you in person. I love you, Daddy.

Written by Shelley Sprouffske for Love What Matters.


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