Hammering The Stee

By Gera Cortez • May 13, 2016

The air seems whispering something to me. I just can’t understand it. It is one of the moments in my life that I became nostalgic. I don’t want to say that time flew very fast as people say, because I know that it didn’t. It is just that I lose track of time because of an upside-down journey I just had. It feels like I am jetlagged.

Well, it’s my first English column as far as I remember. I did this not just because I want a change after all but this is what I came up with when I seat and open my computer for this article. I want to take this last privilege to express my learning and experiences, and share to you a slice of my life story. Perhaps, to touch your lives in the simplest way I can.

I remembered when I was a newbie in this University. Many people asked me, why am I here? I just smiled. I can’t answer them right away. Why? It’s because even I don’t really know what I am really doing here. I never thought that this would happen even in my wildest dream. Not until I encounter something in the internet. I thought that this might be the answer for that question- a quote that motivates me.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it”, Mother Teresa said. This is the dictum that defines how and why I reach this point in my life albeit, my journey was never easy.

Born in a deprived family on August 30, 1993 at Naga City, Camarines Sur, I am the eldest among six siblings. When I was very young, we were staying at a stall at Naga City Public Market where I believed I was exposed in the business world at an early age. Years after, it was sold by my grandmother for some reasons. We transferred at Brgy. Sabang and I studied until 3rd grade at Sabang Elementary School garnering honors every year. Again, we transferred at Brgy. Carolina. It is where I spent most of my childhood and adolescent years.

Both my parents, Jennifer and Elias had not finished their studies. So, I pursued; I persevered. Modesty aside, I was a constant honor student being active both in academic and non-academic activities. Gratefully, I finished my elementary as Fourth Honorable Mention. I spent my secondary education at a nearby public school, the Carolina National High School. It was not so hard since I had my friends and former schoolmates there. It was the phase where I was introduced to bigger responsibilities. It was also in high school where trials came. I lost my great grandfather during my junior year. The next year, my father passed away just three days before my birthday. It was one of the most heart-breaking events in my life. I always dreamed that my father will be the one beside me when I will be going to march for my graduation. It was the only day in my life that I would see him really proud of me since he never attended during my recognition days before. Unfortunately, that wish! will never be fulfilled.

Facing the realities of life, I grow stronger. I graduated in high school as First Honorable Mention and Campus Journalist Awardee. I pursued to study in college though my mother disagreed, knowing that we lack financial capability. I took entrance exam in just one university, the Ateneo de Naga University, the school I had been dreaming of. Opportunely, I was granted a total assessment scholarship in an exclusive course BS Business Administration major in Business Management Honor’s Program. During my first semester as a working student, another problem came to our family. I lost my younger brother. With a heavy heart, I decided to transfer to another school with the aid of my aunt. Hence, I continued the business course major in Marketing Management at Nueva Vizcaya State University.

I was having a hard time during my first two semesters. Until such time that I learned to adapt and gain a lot of new friends. I was so glad being a part of the Varsity Courier and now the News Editor. I love writing as much as I love reading. I also once dreamed of being a professional journalist. I developed more my personality particularly my leadership skills through various organizations such as Sigma Beta Sorority, Youth for Christ, Enactus and some others.

Looking back, I realized that I was indeed tough as my friends describe me. I trained myself to be independent. The journey of ups and downs does not end here. More is yet to come. I am confident that I could make it until the finish line, with my family, mentors and friends who believe in me and with Lord God who guides me.

It is not so easy to wake up each morning, stand and face the twenty four hours with a smile on our face especially when there’s a domino of problems on our backs. It is not really easy but still we did it all the time. That only show how strong and motivated we are. So, to all the people, no matter what age, who pursue their aspirations; failed many times but keep on moving on, I salute you!


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