Positive Affirmations Work!

By ALLISWELL • April 14, 2016

True Story.

I would like to remain anonymous while sharing this story of mine, which I hope could inspire my reader.

I am just a normal person in her 30's. I have two beautiful kids and a very loving husband. I love writing very much but have not been doing it because of the common excuse by most people, "I'm busy." Life had gotten very negative and exhausting a few month back. Everything seems to go wrong as if someone had deliberately casted a spell on us. Deep inside I knew that was not true. I should take full responsibility on what happened in my life. Life did not just happen. I create my life. Well, I do believe in all those "new age" ideas. I was lucky enough to get my hand on Louise Hay's audio book, "I can do it". And I have been listening to it very frequently, up until now. I did the positive affirmation as well. Yet, things seem to be going in the wrong direction. From financial issues, to family issues and babysitter issues.

I would sit down and cry without reasons, just feeling really sad and helpless. It is very hard to control my emotions as I was raised with a lot of that. That is one way I release my stress and fear. Then I started to write again. I did not give up on positive affirmation. I continue to practice it. Below is a table that summarizes problems I had and positive affirmation I did, followed by the results.

1. Financial Issues: I have about RM 8k credit card debt. I have no savings at all other than my EPF.

Affirmation: I am a magnet of money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me. I prosper wherever I turn. I allow the financial abundance to flow into my life.

Results: Receiving side incomes of RM 10k after 1 month.

Credit card debt cleared in 2 months.

Starts to save money now.

2. Family Issues: My husband's parents are both in severe health conditions.

Affirmations: I am healthy, everyone is healthy. I allow my body to return to its natural vibrant health. I emit positivity and love to everyone around me.

Results: Both the parents are healthy in less than a month. We continue our Yoga class and discover more ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

3. Babysitter Issues: The babysitter cum maid, wanted to leave us at our most crucial and toughest time for a business that she built less than a month ago.

Affirmations: Everything is working out for me. Everyone that I need, stays loyal with me. Everything that I need, comes to me. All these are gifts from the universe and I am thankful.

Results:The babysitter stayed with us until we decided to leave this place to overseas.

4. Investment Issues: We have wrongly invested in a house that cost us to pay RM 3k per month. We were trying to sell it for the past one year, but nobody want to buy it.

Affirmations: Thank you for giving us and opportunity to invest. We now release all reasons to hold on to the house. We forgive all the people that are involved in this. We forgive ourselves. We bless the house with love, and hope the next owner will find love in it.

Results: House sold after a week of the affirmation done. And that is with a really good price that I had in mind.

Those are the proofs that positive affirmation works. I hope you would try it out too.


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