Peace Love Harmony = A Good Life

By Azumdialu • March 22, 2016

How do we manage life and it's numerous episodes?

Everyone has their own opinion on this but one thing remains a fact - we can't always control what happens in our life's journey. I always watch my behavior in any setting, and how it affects other people around me. No matter how sour things have gone, I always tell a beautiful story out of it. I never dwell on a bad sad experience, but I always try to learn from it or make the best out of it. I never fail to take responsibility for my actions or failure to act. I always tell my siblings "never let yourself open for blame, and never act in a retaliatory manner if someone hurts you". Always leave yourself blameless for any wrong doing. If you find that you've offended someone by your words or deeds, do not hesitate to apologize. We may not know this is the case except when it is mentioned to us. However, we should always seek peace and pursue it. Forgive and love genuinely. Empathize and care for those who can't because, they carry a heavy heart which is damaging to the mind, body and soul. Give people space in their lives when they need it but don't take it personal. You don't know what they are dealing with, but always try to ascertain that you are not the cause of such behavior. And when you find that you are, make ammends immediately without giving it a second thought. I was having a discussion with my dear the other day and something he said stuck with me. He said" keep doing good no matter what because it has a way of vindicating you, and people will eventually see the true picture of a situation". I smiled and in my mind said to myself "what a great wise man you've got". This is one of the reasons I remain endeared to him. I've learned that living my life accordingly not only saves me a lot of headaches, but it also makes navigating through life's journey a whole lot easier. So far it's still a good year, I'm still basking in the sense of fulfillment I'm currently experiencing, still happy with life and all its uncertainty, still smiling and so grateful. Once there's life there's hope, and once there's hope you can try, and once you try the sky is the limit. So never say never, be wise in your interaction with others, and make the best out of this year because it's a good Year. Don't loose hope when going through life's journey, love with all your heart, never take anyone for granted - they could be the one you need tomorrow. And finally, always be thankful for what you have no matter what, and don't loose sleep over what you don't have. Somehow that which you need has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Just be yourself, keep doing good, stay humble, live peacefully with others and be there for those who need you. Always let your happy self rub-off on those around you.


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