Mountain Of Life

By Adam • March 9, 2016

In The Mountain Of Life the higher you go the easier to live, the easier to breathe and the lower you go the harder to live and the harder to breathe.

When a child is born (He or She) is, brought into existence on a predestined starting point in life which none but one holds the complete control over. From starting at a point where you have two options up or down, high or low which way would you like to go?

Everything controlled by one sustainer, one creator. The good the bad all from one but when we are rewarded with our actions bad is our choice it is not the eternal being to be blamed, none but our selves and what we have caused within our own actions. We as transgressors have forced it upon our self’s to degrade to a lower point on our own mountain of life.

Descending down a hill with a bicycle has very little need to peddling even kicking a ball down a hill all this with no effort. Once you have built the momentum there can on be on way, down to the lowest peak of the mountain.

When very hard to breathe and no oxygen from where we stand. Some give in to more down motion. At this point in life it can only be us as people that give up on life and give in to the altitude, which consistently pulls us down for none at fault but us being negligent as ungrateful people.

At the lowest point of this mountain is like being at the lowest point in life. With no persons here to support, or no tools to carry ones self. We have been weak for so long that being weak is no more optional. The only choice it is only to be strong. Relying on whom which we should of from the staring point, the supreme controller of depth and altitude.

Climbing from the bottom to the top again is like learning how to walk again. Setting goals with strength and determination and steadfastness and knowing where all defects along the way to the top sit upon, voiding all the mountains downgrading and fault’s.

Only wanting for what is better for you and everyone else around you. Pleasing your sustainer, maker can only benefit you and everyone around. To please He is of great reward and benefit, which we can only see, threw the climate of our own eyes.

There is only one option that is to be strong, there is now only one direction that is up. The reward for act goodness can only be goodness, bringing thy self higher on the mountain to achieve ultimate success and the pleasure of thy creator.


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