How To Gain Self Confidence

By Sonia Kaur • February 1, 2016

Self confidence means accepting one own self gracefully. We all are created so beautifully by God but we haven't realise it because we are influenced by others. So be yourself and be confident.

Whenever we are in the situation of listening praise we try to change the topic or start praising our ownself, this is wrong this is a biggest sign of inferiority complex. To maintain confidence and to beat your inferiority complex, one need to appreciate everything and everyone in your life.

Rejection is the basic reason for inferiority complex. Don't be afraid of rejection and move forward because you can't change anybody's point of view for you. Everybody faces inferiority complex in their heart. Getting rid of inferiority complex is to fight and overcome it.

Comparison also cause inferiority complex. Don't compare yourself or your kids with others. Everybody has their own skills. God has made everybody unique then why to be like others.

Competition is good but if you compete with your own self and become better day by day.

Now how to overcome your inferiority complex? First of all find out your complex then work on it.

Talk with people, show your point of view, don't scare of being wrong. For gaining confidence try to speak in crowd but be sure don't talk useless.

Open to listening. Be a good listener. Listening is a good habit it enhance your knowledge and knowledge boost your confidence.

Presenting your real self is a sign of confidence and being diplomatic is a sign of inferiority complex.

If you are listening to your heart then you are gaining confidence.


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