By Sonia Kaur • December 29, 2015

We want everybody to respect us, do we respect everyone around us??? Answer is a big NO! We don't respect whom we think better than us, we don't respect poor and old people, we don't respect whom we feel less better than us. So how can we earn respect? The easiest way to earn respect is by giving respect.

Earning respect might be difficult but not impossible. Don't use bad language, love unconditionally, be helpful, listening to someone is also a sign of giving respect and earning respect as well. Patience and practice you can bring any of virtue in you.

Flowers are the main attraction of any type of decoration similarly respect is the beauty of life. Life is hell without respect. Just think whenever you go to a party or council anywhere, everyone there is not treated equally. You know why? Because of their goodwill.

Why we are not treated properly sometimes as our expectations because we do the same with other who make expectations from us. Giving us very important for receiving because without giving you get nothing.

Relationship can be healthy if we never cross the walls of respect. Love is incomplete without respect.

Without respect you can't exist. You need respect in every sphere of life in job, in society, in family. Respected person speaks politely, helpful, loving and yes who mind his own business.


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