Maybe A Detour?

By Sriya Sreeni • December 29, 2015

Aah well there can be times in life where all miracles that were meant for us seem pointless.

We might feel everything around us as a mere scenario. We all have had times like that. At this point many questions can come to us , like about the incidents that were bittersweet. In the end we ll find out the reason of our temporary void existence . If a wind blows hard on a plant and it is the weak part of the plant that keeps it strong. The same thing comes with us. We often dont realise that. All of us are happy and contented for what life has given us. Moreover God kept showing us the paths that led to the most amazing people of our life. It can be through accidents or any other way but still we kept meeting new people who left a change in us. The ones who helped us move through the unfamiliar path. Still we have them around us. Don't we see them? They are with us. Some of them might have left but few parts of them are instilled within us. When we think more and more about what is happening around us it can lead to much more complicated situation. Why bother about the unknown stuff standing in front of us than enjoying the present beside us? Life is too short to grumble about those we lost and what we will loose. Rather stay happy for where we are. Remember there are many without even a half of our luck of what we have got. When life puts you in that void existence as said , just think .. if life has taken you here then it is for a break from all the busy stuffs around you so that you can enjoy what is with you. Stop thinking too much :D You had fun times dont you want it more? Of course yeah!

Step back, Relax and be happy because it's one way of being wise.

When life gives you s roadblock , take a detour.

Good things are yet to happen


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