Conquer Your Negative Thoughts

By Analie, Den Den, Ayonon • December 24, 2015

There's no reason we could let ourselves unworthy. God's always watching how we generate little blessings to the best and proper ways.

There once a story of my life. I'm such a person born with a negative mind. How I wish I could live same with others happy lifestyle. When I was a little I'd never felt the true happiness of life. I don't even know how to value myself. I'd always mind the feelings of others even in exchange of my own free will. Definitely, I grew up having feelings of being lonely, shameful, sensitive and unsociable. I always put down myself on behalf of a group mistakes. I keep on regretting for my worthless behavior but how can I overcome since this was my true personality? I don't have confidence at all. I have a dream but I think I'm not worthy enough to achieve it.

We're facing the most difficult pace of life. Far from everything, always work day by day. Even under the rays of sunshine or even drops of rain. We're living a poor life. I'm 6 years old that time when I learn how things could be done. How money could be earned in exchange of your true services. I've always thought that life is unfair. Only few were selected to experience the happiness of living.

Our school is far enough, but we always imagine that it was near and safe to lessen the feeling of tiredness. Sometimes I thought it could be better to be out of school since all these things will no longer working out. Were only wasting our money and effort but my mother is such a great person. It seems like she's the one who ready to handle all burdens of life for us. Even at my negativity of thoughts, I always mind and respect the feelings of my mother. She didn't finish her school but she's a professional teacher for me. She's ready to sacrifice all her effort. She always thought that the only thing they could bequeath for us is to build a greater knowledge. This statement helps me think and realize the true meaning of love.

I gain a little confident. Ready to face all the challenge, my mother thought me so. Even at my greatest burden, I always try to motivate myself. If I cause some mistakes, I always keep on smiling. When I felt down, I try my best to stand up. When I felt shame, I thought myself to be lucky enough. Satisfactions teach me to make my days complete, teach me the feeling of real happiness. This life maybe is not about ENJOYING, but the main purpose is all about LEARNING.

Whatever may come, whatever it takes. Always look up to the positive ways!


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