A Thought/ Reflection During This Holiday Season

By Antonietta Gutierrez • December 20, 2015

When I think about the holidays, I think of all the joy and happiness that comes with it. By that I don't mean gifts, or SALE or Santa Claus. I think of family, friendship, love and all that I'm grateful for. The truth is, society today is brainwashed by media, celebrities, the internet and most IMPORTANTLY MONEY. Majority have built this pre-conception that having more means you are worth more. But you know the saying " Less is more." In all seriousness this is simply true. I used be the girl who expected a giant wrapped present under the tree, a huge shopping haul, or more and more in my closet. Still now I get caught up in this fantasy world that being able to walk around the mall in public with bags of stuff, honestly made me feel better than those without it. But when you realize your wallet's empty by the time you get home, it doesn't feel so good anymore. Being a teenager, we all have our share of insecurities, and friends who are caught up in th! is world of make up, Jordans, True Religion and much more. It's dumb but many people including myself don't want to stand out because we don't have what they have. But study shows consumption is due to lack of happiness and insecurity and most of the time we can't afford what we buy. I have realized although I don't come from the most privileged family ( due to my father's death) I am fortunate to have roof under my head, food on the table, and clothing to keep me warm. This past year has been eye- opening after all the hardships I faced I have realized it is love that has got me though it. Not all the things I've managed to get. Remember happiness cannot be bought. It is a natural feeling that should come from things you can't see. I celebrate my family, my friendships and all that's in store for the future. Never forget, whether you have little or a lot your happiness is determined by you. By all the things you do that can't be seen or bought. Fact is we need money to survive in our world today. So I'd rather have it saved for what will help me live comfortably, rather than reaching a whopping $0 on my account.

Happy holidays to all readers. Be sure to check out my other short story, The importance of BEING YOURSELF. I'm obsessed with writing, so every week I'm going to post something that will hopefully inspire you all!


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