A Little Health Miracle

By Art • January 19, 2012

Four weeks ago I went for my yearly checkup, and after receiving the result I found out that my cholesterol was amazingly high, and I am borderline on having a heart attack. The doctor prescribed a very strong medicine, being concerned about me having a heart attack. After two days of taking the pills, I decided to stop the medicine and really use my faith and beliefs.

My wife and everybody was against my decision, but deep inside I knew that I could do this. So we set a goal that in two weeks we will measure my cholesterol again, and if it is not down, then I agreed on taking the pills. So my wife got me a CardioChek Device to measure my cholesterol in our own home.

Everyday I imagined myself, healthy, and I kept thinking about the end result on my number being extreme low, and I kept talking about it every day.

So on the past Saturday we measure my cholesterol and from a value of 600 I had gone down to 240, and everybody was so amazed!


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