Be A Person Of Your Own Choice

By Sonia Kaur • December 6, 2015

We are living because we want to live. We have right to be respected, we have right to be loved because we are a human being.

The most important person in your life is you yourself. Be courageous to accept yourself and move forward in your life. Don't forget your own self for others. Life asks adjustments, compromises and sacrifices and everybody has to make it but life doesn't ask to forget yourself.

Take charge of your failures despite of blaming on others. Regret your mistakes and learn from them.Stop begging for help and try to find the way by your own but always be ready to help. Feel and live today how you want to be. Fullfill your desires, do what you want to do but in a way which is good for you but not bad for others.

Be an example for others. Always show your own point of view because your point of view shows your personality.

Attitude is must. If you want to live a royal life than feel that you are a princess. If you want to be intelligent than speak softly with good language and talk less. Reading book and meditation will help you to recognise your personality.


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