No Reason For Happiness

By Chandramouli Reddy • December 3, 2015

"Happiness is the status of our mind in a given condition".

It is like any other human emotion that we undergo yet profoundly influence the human life on the earth.

Ask anybody around you, for what they want to live. The ready answer is "Happiness". But everyone seek the happiness outside. When it is related to the mind activity we can emanate from inside.

Now the million dollars question is when or by which or in what conditions we become "Happy" But it varies with person to person and conditions they live in. It is completely a relative factor that makes us happy. So when conditions influence our Happiness we shall not subject our happiness to conditions or materials. Then we agree that "Happiness is absolutely an inside job."

It is quite obvious that, happiness is largely dependent on the following,

Abundance of what we desire physically

Contentment over material possessions psychologically

Accomplishment in a given task

Winning among all the competitors

Successful in a chosen profession or job

Achievement of a life long purpose or dream

The list goes on, it is never ending. But all these are the outside things that become reasons for our happiness. What they imply? There should be always a reason for us to become Happy. We can be happy without a reason. When we think about God's wonderful creation and innumerable blessings each day and each moment we receive unknowingly from him, more over an invisible light always shows path to our souls when ever we miss our direction,this kind of thinking stimulate our inner peace it would be reflected on our faces. It is more than happiness and it is "Bliss" which is eternal. When this kind of mental status is achieved, there is no need to seek happiness from outside.

We see many live examples as evidences to corroborate that happiness is not linked to material possessions. Despite getting success or achieving something many people are not happy for the only reason that they change their priorities to become happy. Always pursuing or haunting something makes us restless and ultimately it removes what ever the remnants of happiness from our lives.

Take a minute from your busy life to think about the beauty of the God's creation and just have a inner look for while to appreciate what we possess today, it gives immense pleasure. Make yourself oblivious of what will happen tomorrow, be cheerful about today and save this moment to become "Happy"


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