Finding A Way Out

By C M Reddy • December 1, 2015

"Tough times never lost, but tough people do over come"

All in our lives we can't find any smooth goings through out our journey, there are always undulations & curves. But each undulation makes our gait perfect and each curve teaches to improve our foresight to visualise the things lying next to the bend. Then the journey imparts many lessons & experiences without which the life is not wholesome.

Life problems persist one after the other, we have to overcome till the end. If we associate or attached to a single problem our journey stops, we would be revolved in it, then others add to it. Please see the problem by dissociation or by detachment, there easily we can find remedies.

The above said advice though it sounds simple, in practice it is very hard to follow. But here is a ironical thing happens in our common observation that, whenever others with overwhelming problem comes to us ostentatiously we offer our solution to their problem and we exhibit all our expertise to find suitable answes to their longing questions. We are proud of our advocacy.

But when the same problem appears before us, we would become perplexed and get despaired. Why can't we give ourselves the same solution or answer? Because we cannot dissociate or detach from our own problems while we give the best remedies to problems of others as we are completely dissociate or detach from other's problems.

Therefore if we involve completely in a problem we lose confidence, then there is the complete agony. If we come outside of the problem we will gain confidence on us, then there is a way out


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