Why Loneliness Comes Into Our Life

By Sonia Kaur • November 30, 2015

In life everybody has to face loneliness no matter in which situation. In loneliness we realise the truth. We realise God. God is our support, God is our strength, God is our friend. With faith in God we start our journey.

In loneliness only we can know ourself 'The Most Amazing Person' in the world. Our potential, our strength, our intelligence and moreover our own passions. The basic reason behind our happiness and grief is what we really want.

If you are facing a big problem I.e pain, illness, heart broken, fear etc. These are some problem you have to face alone no matter you are living in a big crowd. At this time you realise how much courageous you are? With passing of days you make yourself positive everyday.

Loneliness doesn't mean only pain. Sometimes you go to another country for further studies and you have to manage everything by your own and You become independent.

Many people are influenced by others, they don't use their brain and follow others. When you are hurt or living alone in any state or country nobody is their for you. So you use your brain to make decisions, to deal with situations, to understand circumstances. You get your own point of you and you become wise.


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