Carrying The Dirt

By C M Reddy • November 27, 2015

"Carrying the dirt in our mind, hinder our personal growth"

People who indulge in misbehaviour & wrong deeds may not be so as apparently they are.

All good people looking nice in their words & deeds may not be as good they appear as.

Now it is very wise to see good in bad people and bad in good people.

Nobody in this world is absolutely good and absolutely bad, they change according to the circumstances they live in.

To illustrate this there was a story of Zen Buddhism. Once there were two monks walking down a muddy road. It was a day with heavy rain and the road was filled with all the dirt of fallen leaves & twigs. Both were stepping carefully to pass through. At the next curve a beautiful girl was waiting to cross the dirty road but could not so as she had to lift the gown slightly with both of her hands and there was no support to reach to other end. One of the monk took her into his arms and helped her to cross the road. Both monks after reaching a temple in the night settled down for a stay. The monk other than the who helped the beautiful girl could not restrain himself from asking. "Why did you touch the girl for helping, we monks shall not near to ladies as it is against to our precepts and more specifically the lovely ones, that is too dangerous" The monk replied with smiling " I left her there itself, but still you are carrying her in your mind "

Most of us carry the negative stuff throughout our lives though we behave well mannered to outside world.

This contradiction would hinder our personal growth and development.

There is a clear difference between what we say and what we do, then people will never accept us.

So let us remove the dirt from our thinking and have a clear and straightforward attitude.


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