Angle Of Perception

By Anjali Mohapatra • November 24, 2015

Once, a professor kept a chair at a certain distance on the stage, in front of the audience. He started his lecture, then pointing to the middle row, those who were sitting exactly in front of the chair, he asked, 'How many legs the chair has that you can see, but answer me exactly what you observe, not assuming that the chair has four legs?'

The first person of the middle row replied, 'Two', because the other two legs were hidden behind the front legs.

The professor then asked the same question to the left side viewers. The answer came 'Three'. Here, one back leg was hidden behind one of it's front side leg. So, only three were visible.

The same question was repeated to the right side and the extreme corner side audience. The answers, he received were 'Three' and 'Four' respectively.

The professor then said, 'Look!! All of you know that the chair has four legs, but when I asked you to answer me exactly what you are observing from your angle, your answer varied. But, do you think it is possible? So what does it mean? Do you think that the same chair has two, three or four legs? Obviously, the answer is 'no'. We assume it as the varied numbers according to our perception, the angle from which we view. So, what I mean to say is that our perception is not always absolutely correct or true. The same thing happens to everybody, when he/she judges others from his/her view points. Kindly, take your time, but judge others correctly.'

Good things are always taught, but it depends upon you, how much you want to grab it!!! Sometimes, things are misunderstood because of our angle of perception.

Once, I had attended one maths seminar at Goumati nagar in Lucknow, where one foreign delegate cited this example. But unfortunately, his lecture was not clearly audible, because of excessive disturbance (maybe some technical problem of the Mike). However, I could only visualise what he was showing. So, I assumed it this way what I have mentioned above. Kindly ignore the mistakes.


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